How to Responsibly Dispose Garden Waste

Unlike the past where garden waste was cleared and burned, there are better and environmentally responsible way to dispose of the waste in your garden. Burning of waste is harmful to the environment not to mention the discomfort it causes to your family and neighbors. Here are some ways in which garden waste can be disposed in a responsible manner.

  • Cut the labour costs as much as possible.

Many garden clearance companies in london usually price their services depending on the amount of waste removed, time taken to remove the waste and number of men required for the job. You can reduce the amount of cash you spend in a number of ways;

  • Store the waste in waste bins and containers such that it does not litter around. This drastically reduces the loading time.
  • Put the waste as close as possible to where the crew will park their truck.
  • Sell whatever you can.

There are some wastes which can be used by other people. For instance you can sell logs from felled and cropped trees to people who still use firewood to warm their homes. In the process you can make some quick cash as well as get rid of unwanted wastes in your property.

  • Create your own compost heap.

Creating a compost heap is an efficient way to get rid of your waste products from the garden. Although you may need a little bit of capital to start up, you end up reaping long-term benefits from the project. First of you are sure to cut on the costs required for hiring rubbish disposal companies. Second, you get free manure for your garden.  This is also the best and most environmental responsible way to get rid of garden waste.

  • Separate waste which can be easily disposed.

Separating green waste from branches and trees cuts the cost of disposing waste from your garden. Also you are able to recycle the green waste by creating compost heaps. The reduced weight of the remaining waste will save you a considerable amount in the long run. More so, the recyclable waste will provide you with more manure also saving you the cost of buying fertilizers.

  • Choose a reputable and reliable disposal company.

As much as you want to dispose your garden waste, it is important that you hire a company with the skills, labor and equipment needed for the job. Choose on wisely that will give you a good service and affordable prices.


Garden waste disposal is important for a garden to yield good and quality produce. Visit for more ways on how to efficiently dispose of your garden waste.