An agency may have anything from 5 employees, 10, 15; sometimes even up to a hundred. And while this is normal, the most important thing to note is that team work is vital for any agency to succeed. Team work is to an agency, what oil is to an engine; it makes everything run smooth and efficiently. Show me an agency devoid of team work, and I’ll show you an agency that’s on its death bed! Here in London, many agencies do operate offering different services. From digital marketing agencies, personal trainers, marketers, advocacy groups, and so on so forth; London has no shortage of organizations and agencies looking to enhance how their teams work.

team work

     Below, we have compiled vital points to help agencies improve team work and thus productivity;

  1. Respect and appreciation; some of the most successful agencies in London and actually in the world, have one thing in common. They respect all team players, and appreciate the contributions of each. Regardless of the position one occupies on the ladder or hierarchy, it is important that everyone is made to feel appreciated. Where team players are ignored or not appreciated, there seems to be gaps in the performance of the entire team. –
  2. Team work for agencies in londonEmbracing technology; this is another vital factor that agencies ought to take advantage of. Technology means letting each team player do their part, while being connected to the other players. Nowadays, most agencies are investing on Live chats within the work place, compared to the traditional landline phones. When it comes to submitting reports, an employee can very well do so from the field via their laptop, rather than having to come to the office to do so. This flexibility in technology is one way of boosting and improving team work.
  3. Bonding; once in a while, agencies can also try and take their employees for team bonding. This may include a retreat, a seminar, or a conference where the team players are retrained on things they learnt. These bonding sessions create a different environment from the workplace where the employees can learn a few things, even deepen the bonds between them. Bonding also helps build confidence in the junior employees and team players who may be ordinarily intimated by their seniors in a work place environment!

team work in agencies4.Learn from others; as a team leader or one in charge of an agency, it is very crucial that you check what other agencies are doing to get things done. Feel free to check out their social media pages, see the activities their teams are engaging in. You will be surprised at just how much you can learn and borrow from such. Remember, as an digital agency, you aren’t alone in the market; there are more agencies probably offering the same services as you and as such, you have to think ahead. Learn from the best, borrow lessons on what they do right, and what you can do better than them.


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Best Table Magician London

Table magicians perform in a personal setting normally close to three meters from one’s crowd and is generally performed while the onlookers are sitting at a table, i.e. amid a wedding breakfast or at a work supper. Be that as it may, quit for the day can likewise be performed standing up, where he will blend with your visitors and perform wonders.


Our 100% certified performers entertain at over 100 parties, events and functions each and every year and are guaranteed to have your guest laughing and amazed from the moment they arrive at your event. Table Magician London are absolutely the highest class of party entertainers, whether it is for a Birthday party, corporate party or even a wedding where the little ones require some extra entertainment, with a Table Magician London on hand you can be assured the absolute best in family friendly entertainment.

So to learn more about how you can make your next event an absolutely magical experience, make sure to check out the video above and then fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page. One of our team will be in touch within 24 hours to make sure that your event can be the most magical and memorable birthday your child has ever had.


How to Mix Tradition and Modern Furniture

fci-London-modern-furnitureThere’s one unwritten rule in the world of interior designing; you design your space to reflect your own ideas and feelings, rather than to adhere to any set norms or preferences. On that note, mixing traditional and modern furniture is one way of expressing your feelings, and creating a dynamic décor that’s accommodative. But on the other hand, you have to ensure that you balance the two styles well, otherwise you’ll end up with a chaotic look. You need to know what you really want to achieve, and where to start. Having said this, let’s now look at some of the tips that can help guide you when matching traditional and modern furniture;

  1. 80/20 rule; the 80/20 rule helps strike a proper balance when mixing between the two styles. Since a 50/50 ratio of both styles would appear chaotic and undecided, we use one style at a ratio of 20%. This means that the dominant style is what’s visible to an observer; but a keen observer won’t miss the 20% that’s sprinkled here and there to give the décor a unique feel.  This rule applies not just when arranging your furniture pieces, but all accessories and items in the space.
  2. Another important tip is to group the furniture pieces from both styles based on their color, texture, or size. This means taking both traditional and modern furniture, and then arranging them in the space based on their colors, or general texture. This works extremely well in large rooms lie the living room or dining room.
  3. Keep it simple; nothing makes a room look cheap and messy than trying to use too many different objects of different designs. The room ends up looking like a yard for junk. The secret lies in this simple rule; don’t arrange multiple items simply because they fall under traditional or modern category. Instead, each item should be its own style and you then decide where to insert the other style to complement each other. Examples or best modern TV units for homes.
  4. Lastly, you can also incorporate a traditional feel to your modern furniture without investing in additional furniture. How? This is done by updating the modern furniture; think of using leather or tough upholstery on modern chairs. This can especially work well in outdoor gardens where the furniture needs to be protected from the weather variations. Such upholstery also gives the entire set up a very relaxing and natural feel.

How to Responsibly Dispose Garden Waste

Unlike the past where garden waste was cleared and burned, there are better and environmentally responsible way to dispose of the waste in your garden. Burning of waste is harmful to the environment not to mention the discomfort it causes to your family and neighbors. Here are some ways in which garden waste can be disposed in a responsible manner.

  • Cut the labour costs as much as possible.

Many garden clearance companies in london usually price their services depending on the amount of waste removed, time taken to remove the waste and number of men required for the job. You can reduce the amount of cash you spend in a number of ways;

  • Store the waste in waste bins and containers such that it does not litter around. This drastically reduces the loading time.
  • Put the waste as close as possible to where the crew will park their truck.
  • Sell whatever you can.

There are some wastes which can be used by other people. For instance you can sell logs from felled and cropped trees to people who still use firewood to warm their homes. In the process you can make some quick cash as well as get rid of unwanted wastes in your property.

  • Create your own compost heap.

Creating a compost heap is an efficient way to get rid of your waste products from the garden. Although you may need a little bit of capital to start up, you end up reaping long-term benefits from the project. First of you are sure to cut on the costs required for hiring rubbish disposal companies. Second, you get free manure for your garden.  This is also the best and most environmental responsible way to get rid of garden waste.

  • Separate waste which can be easily disposed.

Separating green waste from branches and trees cuts the cost of disposing waste from your garden. Also you are able to recycle the green waste by creating compost heaps. The reduced weight of the remaining waste will save you a considerable amount in the long run. More so, the recyclable waste will provide you with more manure also saving you the cost of buying fertilizers.

  • Choose a reputable and reliable disposal company.

As much as you want to dispose your garden waste, it is important that you hire a company with the skills, labor and equipment needed for the job. Choose on wisely that will give you a good service and affordable prices.


Garden waste disposal is important for a garden to yield good and quality produce. Visit for more ways on how to efficiently dispose of your garden waste.


How to Find the Best Locksmith in Your Area

When you need the services of a locksmith, it is important to get a reliable one in the business. He needs to be trustworthy and good at his job. How do you get someone with all these qualities especially in your local area? Well, you can try the following tips and see how finding one goes.

  • Online Search

Technology has made it possible for all services to be available on the internet. Everyone is advertising his or her services online. Doing a good search will help you find a reliable locksmith in your area. However, you need to ensure that you use the right keywords. Try typing in the name of your area and the word ‘locksmith’ in your search. This way, the results will be narrowed down to locksmiths in your area for a locksmith Battersea from ITCC Locksmiths


  • Ask For Referrals

You must have some friends and relatives who have hired the services of a locksmith at one time or another. These people will help you get the most suitable locksmith who they have worked with. However, before settling with one particular one, try to make sure that he offers the kind of service you need. The ones recommended may not have offered the same service as you need. To avoid a lot of complications, try to ensure that they offer exactly what you want.

  • Visit Locksmith Shops

When walking down the street you have probably noticed a sign or two of locksmiths. Try visiting these shops and see what they have to offer. You may be surprised that they may turn out to be the best locksmiths in your area that you could ever ask for a Islington locksmith

  • Ask Other Professionals

Do you have a plumber or electrician that you trust? They can be of great help in finding a good locksmith. Because you trust them, they will make sure they recommend someone trustworthy.

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Is It a Good Idea to Use Taxi Around London?

That is a very good question as people in London often don’t own a car because a parking in London can cost you up to £20 per hour, so unless you have a futuristic self-driving car like Tesla, that can drive itself away from expensive parking, chances are that you use public transport or taxi.

Here are some tips on when you should use underground or trains and when is the best time to use a taxi.

Most people use underground on daily basis, and I don’t see a reason why not, it’s fairly cheap (compare to having a car or using a taxi) and it gets you to your destination very quickly as it is not influenced by the traffic on the roads.
The problem is when you want to get home from a night out. Most lines aren’t running 24/7 so you can take a bus which is usually full of drunken people or you can actually use a taxi.

The other time when I stopped using public transport is when I’m going to an event to which many other people are going as well. For example, every single time when I go to Ascot for horse racing I have to take a cab, as a number of people that is going there is incredible and public transport is not able to satisfy a lot of people. The same is true when I go to a Wembley stadium. The stadium capacity is 90 000 people, imagine such a huge number of people or trying to get to one place at the same time. The underground is simply not able to get so many people at one place on time so I rather use Wembley cabs or any other taxi company that will get me to the stadium comfortably and most importantly on time.


Model Photo-shoot in London

This article is for all starting photographers which will be shooting their first fashion shoot in a professional studio.

Here all the advice that you might need in order to get the best out of your photoshoot.

Before you actually hire photo studio in London to think about how much space you actually need, it’s crucial to hire a studio that will suit your photoshoot. All London’s fashion photographers know exactly how much space they need. As a starting photographer, you probably don’t really know how much space you will need, that’s why you should watch this video.

Once you decide what studio you will need a book the studio. When booking the studio make sure to book as much time as you nee, the last thing that you want is to rush all your pictures and not achieve the best possible results. If you think that you will need 4 hours hire the studio at lest for 6 hours, trust me, there are things that always go from, whether it is blurry shots, overexposure to other things.

The right model for you model

When hiring a model to make sure that you hire experienced models that know how to flirt with a camera, the last thing that you want is a shy girl that has no idea how to look into camera and how to stand. The problem with hiring a professional model is the price, these girls can be incredibly expensive, so what should you do if you don’t have the money for a professional model.

Ask a friendfriend as a model

Even if your friend isn’t a professional model, you should try to use her as a model. The reason for this is that there’s already a relationship between you to so she won’t be as shy as some random inexperienced girl.

The other option that you have it’s to hire one of the best high-class escorts from a reputable agency. These girls are not as expensive as models, however, they have a great body and aren’t shy at all, which makes them the best models for your photo shoot


The Grand Hall has played host to many events organised by local community groups and charitable organisations. Located on the first floor of the mansion the Grand Hall provides an elegant backdrop for prestigious community events. The room was formerly the Council Chamber and features oak panelling, a splendid etched glass atrium ceiling and historic stained glass panels. Ceremonial doors lead out to the Grand Entrance and Main Staircase for your guests to enter via the imposing Greek portico and ancient stone stairs. For refreshments, guests can move to the Old Court Room to mingle over a glass of wine and canapes or simply a nice cup of tea. The Grand Hall can accommodate up to 170 for community events seated theatre style or 120 seated at round tables.

The Parlour Room

The Parlour Room is located on the first floor of the mansion and is an intimate space that can accommodate 12 for smaller community group meetings or can be used in conjunction with the Grand Hall and Old Court Room as a holding room for VIP guests or speakers. The room can be booked separately subject to availability.


The Old Court Room

The Old Court Room is located adjacent to the Grand Hall on the first floor of the mansion. After centuries serving the community as the scene of many historical courtroom dramas, the Old Court Room has been transformed into a light and airy function room which provides the perfect setting for smaller community and charity events. Guests enter the Old Court Room through an imposing ceremonial door before taking their seats under the watchful gaze of the town’s founding fathers. The elegant event space has a lovely high ceiling, period chandeliers, large Georgian windows and is hung with an impressive array of gilt framed portraits. The Old Court Room can accommodate events for 50 seated theatre style.

Making the right impression…